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A title agency set to change the game and ready to revolutionize a long standing stagnant industry. Superior Title & Escrow, LLC officiated its long-awaited launch on January 15th, 2018 for the entire state of Tennessee. Several years in the making and even more in experience, Co-Owners, Linda Reitz-Hamm and Victoria A. Alvarez noticed what other agencies were missing and sought to close the gap.

For many years, title agencies viewed their services as a necessity to the Real Estate Community. With business guaranteed to come through agency doors due to law requirements, title agencies placed less and less focus on service, product, and more importantly, even less geared towards innovation. This has left agencies doing the same old thing, the same old way leaving our Real Estate Community deprived of growth and trapped in an endless time loop of the past. More notably, agencies lack an overall competitive edge commonly seen in other industries due to a state-wide epidemic, stagnancy. Targeted more heavily on territorial expansion, title agencies utilize profits on expanding new offices as their business strategy to increase margins rather than investing in efficiency and evolution adding to the state-wide epidemic.

This is where our story begins and the future of an entire industry begins. In an industry severely lacking, two women became inspired to seek ways to bridge the industry divides and overnight, a project was put into motion. In 2017, that project was brought to life by Linda Reitz-Hamm and Victoria A. Alvarez. Combining forces with Kelsea Andrews that same year, they utilized their experience, passion, precision and drive to meticulously design what would become a title agency unlike any other, Superior Title & Escrow, LLC.

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Editor’s Note: We would like to publicly thank everyone for their immense support and warm welcome into the Real Estate Community. You have made us feel like family in such a short period of time and allowed our company to hit the ground running. We are ecstatic to be here and ever anxious to release the newest and most game changing innovations in the Real Estate Industry beginning locally with our Real Estate Family here in Knoxville, TN (SPOILERS!). Stay tuned, more information coming soon!